First Stage Essentials

First Stage Essentials and Newborn Favorites

So before Camden was born, I shared this post about baby gear that was on my radar. I figured since we’ve been using some of this for a while now (how is my baby 7 months old?), I would do a little updated post and share what we use, what we didn’t get, and what we wish we would have had. This will be broken up in to “stages”, so we will begin with stage one. I consider this 0-6ish months, when they’re immobile and before they start purees.

Disclaimer: As always, these are just what we liked and what worked for us! It doesn’t necessarily mean you will feel the same way!


1. Rock n’ Play : This was our saving grace – Camden loved sleeping in this! It is basically like a hammock, so it kind of hugs the baby and keeps them from rolling.

2. Comotomo Bottles : To be honest Camden would have taken any bottle I would’ve given him – the boy just loves to eat. We actually had a couple other brands of bottles that were freebies, and he would take them all. I personally just loved these because they are silicon and super easy/comfortable to hold, and they have a wide mouth and are easy to clean. Let’s be real, that in itself sold them to me. Plus they don’t have a ton of little parts to wash and keep track of. The one thing I would have done differently with these is just buy the 8 ounce size from the beginning. We had purchased many of the smaller ones, but now those are already packed away. The smaller size is a 5 ounce bottle though, where as others are typically 4 ounces!

3. Beautycounter Diaper Rash Cream : Hands down the best cream for diaper rash. I received this as a gift and had already gotten a couple other brands, but this is the one we reach for and have repurchased. We also have the protective balm!

4. Boppy Pillow : I asked Ryan what he would have considered “must haves”, and this and the rock n’ play were his picks. He used this thing 24/7 for the first three months. I’m not kidding – he brought it everywhere with us. We got this cover for it!

5. Oogie Bear : We have three nose cleaning products – three. This was our go to for the first part of Camden’s life. We also have the Nose Frida which is great, but it was too big to use on his little nose in the beginning. The Oogie Bear is great for dry boogers, while the Nose Frida is great for colds and running noses. Gross? Sorry – I have no gauge anymore.

6./7. Nuna Mixx Stroller and Nuna Pipa Carseat : I have a whole post coming up dedicated to a review on these two, so I will just briefly talk about them. Even if you don’t get these two pieces, having a stroller that was compatible with our carseat was a must. It makes it so easy to go from car to stroller.

8. Zoli Nail Trimmer : I remember seeing this while I was pregnant, but then thinking it was overpriced and I would go buy a $5 nail clipper instead. Then Ryan was clipping Camden’s nails (I was terrified and we had put it off way too long), and he got too close and Camden started screaming. I mean screaming. He didn’t bleed, thank goodness, but I got on Amazon immediately and ordered this. It is totally worth it!

9. Jellycat Books : We received one of these as a gift when Camden was about a week old. They are completely fabric with some crinkle material in the covers and tails with different textures sticking out of the side. We showed them to Camden very early on, and he loved the bright colors and all of the tails. Over time we purchased a couple more, he still loves looking at them even though we have now moved on to eating the tails…

10. Boon Grass Drying Rack : So this probably isn’t a “necessity”, but it has been nice to keep Camden’s stuff separate from our normal pots and pans. The grass holds bottles and everything upright so they dry better. It does take up some counter space, but it’s worth it!

11. Fawn Design Diaper Bag : Really any backpack diaper bag. I knew early on I wanted a backpack, and I wanted something that doesn’t necessarily look like a diaper bag. Ryan was going to be carrying it, and it would be doubling as my purse when we were out and about. We originally got the Honest backpack diaper bag in cognac, and we do love it and are still using that one for now. However, it is starting to fray a bit, so I recently snagged the Fawn Design x Cara Loren limited edition diaper bag. I absolutely love the charcoal gray color, plus the inside is lined with the same faux leather so it’s super easy to wipe down! I also love that it can be worn as a backpack or cross body. Sadly, the charcoal color was limited edition but I love the gray color, and they typically come out with limited edition colors every once in a while!

12. Solly Baby Wrap : Out of all of these things, this was probably used for the shortest amount of time. I only used it for the first couple of months, but it was totally worth it. Sometimes it was the only way to get anything done around the house, and it’s how I grocery shopped! I also brought it with us to Omaha this summer and used it at the museum we went to.

13. Bouncer : This was a last minute type purchase when Camden was probably 2-3 months old. Originally I didn’t think we needed a bouncer since we had the Mamaroo (more on that later), but I realized we needed something we could move around the house with us. I snagged this from Walmart for $20 or so, and it has been so worth the money. Camden loved it (still does, even though he’s probably too big for it), and it is super lightweight and easy to move around.

14. Freshly Picked Moccasins : Okay, so this is an honorary number 14. I bought a pair of newborn moccasins in baby blue for Camden as a little keepsake, and then I purchased the weathered brown pair in size one. These were the best! They stay on his feet and are so soft!


There are a couple of things we purchased that we ended up not really using or not really liking. Again, this is just a personal preference, and you might love these things!

Mamaroo : I kind of have to swallow my pride with this one. I totally sold Ryan on it and we grabbed it when it was on sale on Amazon. I think the concept is awesome, but Camden only really liked it for the first two months.

Halo Bassinet : We bought this because it was super sturdy (when you have a 100 pound dog you need something stable), but I think we could’ve gotten away with just using a pack n’ play like the Nuna Sena Aire in our room.

AngelCare Monitor : This was something else I was really excited for, and I’m sure it’s a great product. I just cannot for the life of me figure out the mat that goes under the mattress. The instructions are a little difficult to follow, but I’m also not super tech savvy. So take that with a grain of salt. I do love the monitor and camera, but I wish we would’ve gone with something like the Owlet sock with just a video monitor instead.

Stroller Bassinet : This isn’t necessarily something we didn’t like, but it’s something we went back and forth on purchasing. The Nuna Mixx has a bassinet option that connects right on to the stroller frame. We decided not to get it, and honestly we are just fine with that. I could see why it would be useful, if you live in a city or urban area where you are doing lots of walking. But for our little family walks around the neighborhood we were just fine without it!

Okay, if you made it all the way to the end you deserve a treat. Hopefully this is helpful for any moms-to-be out there trying to figure out what to buy. It’s super overwhelming, especially with your first child! For all you moms, what were some of your must haves for those first months?

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